Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ski Masks!

Lils is ski-mask-obsessed right now and she created her own which she wears proudly to school and everywhere. Because she is eight and is thereby omniscient, there is no convincing her that ski masks don't rank very high on the list of desirable fashion must haves.

One thing Lils is: a bad dresser. Nothing could bring this into focus more than school "Spirit Week," the one time of year when students can break free from their uniforms and express themselves in the form of poor fashion choices. During Spirit Week, most everyone dresses badly, but just "normal-bad." Not BAD bad. Not the totally worst-ever like my girl.

Example: Call it creativity gone wild, but last year, during Spirit Week, her outfit involved shredded gift bags, plastic, tree garland. Words can't do justice describing the fashion injustice. I tried, believe me I tried, to dissuade her, offer her more "normal-bad" options, but she was determined!

But when I dropped her off at school that morning, as she saw her friends, and they were stunned (rightly so) at the sight of her, she became insecure, full of regret--you could see it all over her sad little face and I felt terrible leaving her. But I did. I came home, dressed in the most terrible outfit I could throw together, and drove back out to take snacks to her class. So at least they'll think she comes by it naturally.

I was proud of myself for such a fine idea, even though I was completely mortified to step out of the car. Something about it reminded me of what Jesus did, wrapping himself up in our flesh to fellowship with us and show us a better way, even though as he did, he must have on some level thought: Yuck.

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