Saturday, December 10, 2011

Zebra Drool!

This year, for Lils' birthday, we visited the Wildlife Animal Safari in Stafford, MO. We went because Lily likes Ligers, an animal you might remember if you ever saw the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Similarities my family has with Napoleon Dynamite: Love of ligers, chapstick, tater tots and eighties music and a propensity toward bad hair. (Probably because our hairbrush is in the freezer. SEE: "Forgetfulness" blog entry.)

At the Wildlife Animal Safari, you drive through what is like a beautiful state park and exotic animals actually stick their heads in your window hoping you will feed them oversized hamster pellets. I actually got Zebra drool on me which was only a good thing because I had eight years olds with me and it was someone's birthday. 

Thanks, God, for your fun creation, squealing little girls, and animal halitosis.

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